Frequently Asked Questions

Bride And Groom Here are a few of the considerations that you as a consumer of DJ entertainment should look at prior to making a final decision to hire a DJ service.

Keep in mind that the DJ entertainment is the single most important aspect of your wedding day. You're putting the full responsibility of your guests enjoyment in someone else's hands. You and your quests will remember his or her performance for the rest of your life.

We feel that you would be best served by having two DJ's at your reception. One, a professional em-cee who has the proper communication skills and enthusiasm to motivate a crowd. The other, a professional who is skilled in audio and technical equipment operations to ensure a smooth flow of music. The interaction between the two should create an enjoyable and uplifting atmosphere.

Wedding Rings

You should be given a very strong say in choosing the music for your wedding. We at Colella Entertainment will send you a musical selection sheet for you to list the type of music and/or specific songs requested. After completing this sheet, we will contact you prior to the wedding to discuss the particular details. This gives us the opportunity to structure the music in relation to the time, events and atmosphere of the wedding.

We feel very strong in making sure that the DJ has all the proper information prior to the day of the wedding. We will send you a reception introduction information form. This enables us to have all the pertinent information necessary to achieve a smooth flowing and non-interrupted reception. We will have a listing of the parents, bridal party, traditional and special events plus additional announcements and general reception information.

In summation, we at Colella Entertainment take great pride in doing our homework prior to the wedding day so that we may make this the most memorable day of your life.

1st Hour Of Play

Varied music from contemporary to big band, Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr., Tom Grant, Yanni, Stephen Marq and other artists for listening and dancing during the cocktail hour. We will vary accordingly depending on your requests and the crowds reactions.

Parent Introductions
Wedding Party Introductions
Bride &Groom Dance: (Their 1st chosen song)
(Bride & Groom highlighted)
Wedding Party Dance: (All join in, incl. parents)
All Guests Dance: (Everyone joins together)

At this point we have timed it with the reception hall for the dinner hour to begin. We will announce that everyone take their seats.

Best Man's Toast: (Optional at this time)
Blessing: (Optional)
2nd Hour Of Play

Easy listening during the dinner hour with various arrangements. This time break will be approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. We'll watch to see when most of the guests have finished eating.

3rd Hour Of Play

The bride and groom can set the pace if they wish

Bride & Groom Dance: (Selected by Bride/Groom-optional)
Father/Bride Dance: (At your request-optional)
Mother/Groom Dance: (At your request-optional)
All Dance: (At your request-optional)
Dollar Dance: (Optional)
Song Variety: (Getting everyone involved)
4th Hour Of Play

Time to let down your hair, get loose, kick up your heels and party down!!!


Depending on the style of music chosen by the bride and groom, the following is a small sample of what you might hear during the final hour.

A combination of Oldies, Country Rock, Current Popular Dance Music, Disco, Dance Rock, Swing, or a mixture of them all.

We can also gather the masses and have some laughs with:

The Chicken Dance The Hokey Pokey The Electric Slide
The Limbo The Macerena The Cha Cha Slide

Note: Please keep in mind that the four hour reception can be totally customized by the bride and groom to any style or styles of music, along with as many specific selections requested.