Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the more frequent questions we get from prospective customsers. Click on the headings below so see an answer for each question.

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If I am comfortable talking with a DJ over the phone, will he or she be the person that will perform as the master of ceremony at my reception?

This is a question each and every prospective customer must ask when screening a disc jockey. I have previously subcontracted my services to a local DJ company only to find out that he had committed himself to perform the reception and that is who the bride and groom expected to work with. Needless to say, when I arrived, it was very disappointing to them and embarrassing for me. Colella Entertainment guarantees that if you speak directly to me, I will be your master of ceremonies.

We will not subcontract anyone else to perform your reception. We are not staking our 25 year reputation on someone else’s performance!

Will I be able to pick the music I want for my wedding reception or function?

You will have total control as to what musical selections will be played at your affair. We will note all of your requests, and make every attempt to accommodate your choices. We have an extensive library which we are constantly adding to and updating. We also welcome your bringing any specific music you would like to have played that we may not have.

NOTE: If there is any questionable music requested at your affair, we will obtain your permission before playing it.

What if we want a wedding reception completely different in music and style than any standard weddings that we have previously attended?

We are here to accommodate your every request. We will meet with you in person or talk with you extensively over the phone to custom tailor your reception to your exact requirements. We strive to make your day as perfect as possible since the music is such a significant aspect of your wedding reception.

What if we want to meet with you to discuss wedding particulars, and/or just get to know you better before we make a final decision? We want to feel comfortable before placing our special day in the hands of just any DJ.

I have always advised every prospective client that I will be more than willing to travel to your home or a nearby site to discuss all of the wedding particulars. Not only do I welcome you and your fiance, but anyone else that may be part of your planning process. If you feel more comfortable coming to my office, that can also be arranged.

Will the DJ / MC dress appropriately for my affair?

We have always taken great pride in presenting ourselves in an appropriate and professional manner. We will be formally dressed (tuxedo) for all wedding related functions and appropriately, yet professionally dressed for all other affairs.

Do you have any additional equipment available to enhance our affair? (For example, lights, fog machines, bubble machines etc.)

We have everything from small intimate lights to full-blown light shows for large venues. These include still lights, motorized lights, intelligent lights, strobes, laser, and spotlights. If you refer to our pictures/photos section, you will see a variety of light arrangements. Additionally there are some pictures with fog flooding the dance floor and can enhance your affair with a bubble machine. All of these options are available upon your request.

Will you provide a contract / written agreement and is a deposit required?

Once you have committed to our services, a formal contract will be sent out to you with the inclusion of an explanation sheet. This will tell you exactly what forms are required to be signed, returned and by when. At this time, a deposit of approximately 15% of the total amount of the contract is required. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the affair.